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From the desk of: Travis Garza


Dear Friend,

  • Are you worried carrying extra weight will make you look older than what you really are?
  • Have you struggled with trying to lose weight but have become discouraged because no diet program seems to work?
  • Does the idea of doing the same boring exercises and eating bland foods make you want to run the other way?

You need an Oklahoma personal trainer who can throw out all the out-dated ideas about diet and exercise and give you the real weight loss and fitness results you desire.

My name is Travis Garza and I’m the owner and personal trainer for Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps, located in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Norman and Choctaw, Oklahoma. Also known as Edmond boot camp, Oklahoma City boot camp, Norman boot camp and Choctaw boot camp. With over 27 years of professional fitness training experience I’ve seen what works for my clients and what doesn’t.

No gimmicks.

No quick fixes.

I give each and every client a solid fitness program with all the tools they need to help them lose weight and keep it off for life! I guarantee it!

Too often I see people become frustrated…no disgusted…with the process of losing weight. It doesn’t have to be that way when you’re choosing a program that takes a whole body approach to fitness and health like Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps. We have four locations which include….. Edmond Boot Camp, Oklahoma City Boot Camp, Norman Boot Camp, and Choctaw Boot Camp.

FAD diets and infomercial gadgets don’t work. In fact, they can only set you back, making it harder to lose weight.

I am certified with NASM and am a dietary therapist. I don’t use the cookie cutter approach to weight loss. Every person I work with has different needs and is treated as an individual.

What’s important to you…?

  • Do you want to lose belly fat after having a baby?
  • Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a sagging buttocks or flabby arms that make you appear older?
  • Do you want to drop dress sizes so you can fit into that little black dress?
  • Do you want to fit back in those favorite pair of jeans you love?
  • Do you want to feel good about yourself again?

You don’t have to work out 5 days a week for 2 hours each session in order to have that fabulous, sexy body that you crave. You don’t have to settle for lousy diet food that someone else picked out for you to eat, that leaves you hungry or wanting more. (That’s the quickest way for you to fail!)

At Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps you’ll get proven time-tested fat burning workouts in just 40 minutes three days per week. You will never hit a plateau because I promise you will never see the same workout twice. Travis Garza Fat Loss Camps get done in three days what others take five to do. I’ve created a program with lifestyle changes you can actually do and live with long term! No burnout and quit routines on starvation diets. My fat loss program burns twice as much fat in half the time, giving you more time with your kids & family, enjoying the things you love to do and not spending every waking moment in the gym, doing boring cardio and obsessed about what to eat next. That is not a lifestyle.

What you get from Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps…
  • Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps are an indoor (climate controlled) fitness program on our joint (knee) friendly floors. We combine core strengthening, cardio, and resistance training using 3-5lb dumbbells to firm, tone, tighten, and sculpt your entire body all in 40 minute (800 calorie) workouts, 3- days per week. We get done in 3 days what it takes others to do in 5.
  • No Plateau Zone- You will never see the same workout twice and be bored with the same old routine. Keeping your body guessing is the quickest way to continue to burn fat and sculpt the entire body.
  • Detailed Eating plan- ($200.00 value) based on foods you choose from our list of over 100 choices. Let’s face it, you don’t want to eat what someone else thinks you should like…
  • You will be motivated, inspired, and challenged while having fun with our trainers. What you will not be is yelled at. You will be encouraged to do the best you can and not try to be perfect. You will be encouraged to do better than you did the week before.
  • My famous cardio bursting- 10 minutes of a specialized cardio program I designed that burns fat 12-15 hours AFTER your done.
  • No-body left behind system- You will not be told to do 15 reps of this or 20 reps of that. That can be scary! We use a stopwatch and time all of our exercises so nobody is singled out. You do as many reps as you can do during that time. You work at your fitness level..:)
  • Nutritional Consultation- ($100.00 value) Conducted after your trial period so I can develop a sound detailed plan based on your lifestyle and needs.
  • Skinny Jeans Bonus- When you complete 12 months with us, I will pay up to $200.00 for you to purchase your very own new pair of skinny jeans. Let’s face it, in 12 months you are going to be a new, sexier, improved you!
  • A 30 day 100% unconditional money back guarantee that you’ll lose weight after you’ve used the specialized eating plan for 30 days. You can even keep the eating plan on me as a token of thanks for trusting in me.
  • The Travis Garza Fat Loss Camp (Home DVD workout) to use at home for days when you can’t make it to a session, on vacation, or out of town on business.
  • Ongoing text support 2-3 times per week to make sure you’re staying on track. We build relationships with our clients outside the camp, not just in the camp.
  • Weekly videos sent directly to your email of me preparing 10 minute meals in my own kitchen. This keeps the eating part of the program fresh and new with ideas.
  • FREE nutritional seminars
  • Email, phone and text access to me 24/7
  • Most of all…..Fun and challenging workouts that are never the same and never boring.
    And more!


Or Call (405) 820-3813

You’ll not only feel younger, but you’ll look 10 years younger! Think of how fabulous it will feel to slip into your skinny jeans and know you look fantastic. Or walk into a room in a trendy new outfit and capture the interested eye of someone new or that special someone in your life.

It can happen. But you have to take the first step and join Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps today……I won’t let you down!

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Or Call (405) 820-3813




Times and Locations

Edmond Location/ 307 Wimbledon Road, Edmond, OK  73003
(Mornings) Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 5:30am-6:10am

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 6:15am-6:55am

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9:00am-9:40am

(Evenings) Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 6:00pm-6:40pm

(Saturdays) 8:00am-8:50am (Cardio Camp)


Choctaw (Legacy Elite Cheer) Location
(Mornings) Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 5:30am-6:10am


Oklahoma City Location/7408 NW 83rd, Suite F, OKC, OK  73132
(Mornings) Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 5:30am-6:10am

                    Monday-Wednesday-Friday 6:15am-6:55am

 (Evenings) Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 6:00pm-6:40pm

(Saturdays)   8:00am-9:00am







Don’t let past failures from trying to lose weight too quickly only to gain it all back plus 5lbs or trying to go it alone keep you from reaching your ultimate weight loss goal! If you were able to lose weight on your own, you wouldn’t need me. You’d already be at the weight and level of fitness you desire. That’s what I am here for…..to show you the way to the body you once had and felt. I will not fail you……

Since you’re not in that body you once had, why not call Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps today to get guaranteed weight loss results by creating a lifestyle! I’m waiting for your call! With my trial and money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong!


Travis Garza
Owner of Travis Garza’s Fat Boot Camps

PS. Going it alone hasn’t given you the fabulously slim and sexy body you’ve craved. Why not try an Oklahoma personal trainer that has 27 years of proven experience in helping people achieve weight loss results? Register for our trial membership today!


Travis Garza’s Fat Loss camp has experienced personal trainers running Norman boot camp , Edmond boot camp, Choctaw boot camp, and Oklahoma City boot camp.